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Approved Credits for Purposes of Professional Development

Approved credits for purposes of professional development

If you plan to earn university credits for purposes of professional development,  the only requirement is that the credits be earned through a regionally-accredited  college or university. The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) does not maintain a list of regionally-accredited institutions, but the information can be readily obtained by checking the university’s website or consulting the website of the appropriate regional accrediting body.


Academic programs leading to certification or endorsement

If you intend to enroll in a university program that will lead to a Washington certificate or endorsement, the program must be regionally-accredited  and must be state-approved. For a list of PESB-approved educator preparation programs in Washington, click on the type of program in which you are interested:



Educational Staff Associate  

If you are considering a certificate or endorsement program from an out-of-state institution, go here for important information.