Have you passed Washington's assessment for basic skills?

The WEST-B is a requirement for certification. With exceptions for only a few candidates, Washington teacher preparation programs require passing this basic skills assessment prior to admittance. Additionally, all individuals must pass the WEST-B to receive a teaching certificate. For more information visit www.west.nesinc.com.

Is your program approved to offer a WA Teaching Certificate?

Currently there are 21 approved programs in Washington. To find a list of Washington's approved programs, click here. For information about programs offered online and / or by institutions outside of Washington, click here.

Have you passed Washington's content assessment?

The WEST-E tests content knowledge in an endorsement area (subject). Each new certificate must include at least one endorsement. All in state prepared teachers must have this completed prior to applying for a certificate. Out-of-state prepared teachers must pass the WEST-E within a year. For more information about the WEST-E visit www.west.nesinc.com.

Have you completed at least a Bachelor's Degree from a regionally accredited institution?

All Washington teachers must have completed a Bachelor's Degree from a regionally accredited institution prior to certification. The Bachelors degree can be completed while attending a preparation program or prior to entering the program. The Certification Only programs are intended for those who have finished a Bachelor's Degree. A Masters In Teaching program is designed to grant a Master's Degree while completing the Certification Only courses.

Do you hold a teaching certificate from any other state?

Those who hold a certificate from another state should begin with Certification Department of the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Have you completed your fingerprint background check?

Before you begin teaching in Washington you are required to undergo a fingerprinting and background check. For more information click here.

Are you interested in an Alternative Route to Certification?

Career changers, teachers with conditional certification, or paraprofessionals with three years experience may be eligible for Alternative Routes to Certification Programs.