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Out of State Programs

Important Note

Currently, most online educator preparation programs are considered "out of state" for the purposes of certification in Washington, and it is important that future Washington educators have complete information when making a program selection. This page provides a starting point for such research.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction's (OSPI) Certification Office issues Washington educator certificates. Contact them directly for specific certification questions.

Out of State Programs and Washington Certification

Candidates who have completed an out-of-state educator preparation program receive Washington certification after satisfactorily meeting the following three conditions:

1) Attended a regionally accredited college or university

The university or college offering the program must be accredited by one of the six listed accrediting bodies. Candidates are responsible for contact the university or accrediting association directly to confirm this status. Programs Authorized for Field Placement by the PESB are regionally accredited. The Professional Educator Standards Board does not maintain accreditation information.

2) Completed a state approved program

After completing all program requirements, candidates will be eligible for a certificate in the state in which the college or university program is approved for certification by the appropriate state agency. Candidates do not need to actually hold another state's certificate. Programs Authorized for Field Placement by the PESB offer state approved preparation programs.

3) Meet testing and safety requirements


PESB-Approved Out of State Programs

Out of state programs may choose to submit to the same oversight that Washington state programs are required to undergo. This rigorous approval process includes initial program approval, annual reporting, and regular program review.

PESB-Authorized for Field Placement Programs

Another level of oversight out of state programs can request is authorization for field placement. Programs that choose this form of oversight must demonstrate, among other assurances, 1) program approval by the appropriate agency in another state, 2) regional accreditation, and 3) formal field placement agreements with districts in Washington state, among other requirements. Check the current list of programs authorized for field placement.

PESB encourages out of state educator preparation programs to become either PESB-approved or PESB-authorized for field placement. However, no state law or rule requires this. A comparison chart of programs - PESB-approved and PESB-authorized for field placement - illustrates the differences between the oversight of these programs to assist candidates in making the best program selection decision to meet their needs.

Professional Development and Salary Advancement

Credits earned through a regionally-accredited college or university may be used for purposes of professional development. Candidates are responsible for researching whether a program's coursework leads to certification, endorsement, or advancement on the salary schedule.

Candidates seeking: