May 2017 Board meeting action on adding endorsements

May Board meeting action - Tab 11 - Proposed Amendment to WAC 181-82A-204: Requirements for Adding Teaching Certificate Endorsements

At four Board meetings over the course of eight months the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) examined the strengths and weaknesses of current means by which already-certified teachers may add endorsements, requirements in other states, a survey of Washington school districts, and research on how teachers acquire content-specific pedagogy.   As a result, the Board has eliminated the previous “Pathway 2” which required classroom observation and administration of a pedagogy assessment, finding that this process lacked reliability and statewide access.  Despite multiple revisions to the Pathways chart and eligibility of endorsements that could be added via the 3 different pathways, the Board also has received a steady stream of concerns from teachers and districts suggesting that the current model is inconsistent and lacks logic in terms of which endorsements may be added to which.
In addition to eliminating Pathway 2, the net effect of the Board action is that regardless of endorsement held, effective June 27th endorsements that are certain multi-subject endorsements or relate to specific student populations may only be added by completion of an approved program (Pathway 3), while teachers will be able to add most certificate endorsements via passage of the appropriate subject matter test (Pathway 1).   Teachers that prefer the many benefits of completing an approved endorsement program may continue to do so.
  • Elementary Education, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education, Reading, ELL and Bilingual endorsements may only be added by completion of an approved program. 
  • Individuals who hold an ELL or Bilingual endorsement, however, may add the other endorsement via passage of the appropriate required subject knowledge or language proficiency test(s). 
  •  All other basic or general education teaching certificate endorsements may be added via passage of the appropriate subject matter tests, including Biology, Chemistry, Choral Music, Computer Science, Dance, Earth & Space Science, English Language Arts, General Music, Health / Fitness, History, Instrumental Music, Library Media, Mathematics, Middle Level Humanities, Middle Level Mathematics, Middle Level Science, Physics, Science, Social Studies, Theatre Arts, Traffic Safety, Visual Arts, and Designated World Languages. 
  • Certified teachers who have passed a WEST-E or NES test may use this to apply for Pathway 1 endorsements.*
  • The ability for certified teachers to add endorsements via National Board Certification or a PESB-approved endorsement program remains unchanged. 
  • This WAC does not apply to either CTE or specialty endorsements. 
Additional details on testing and adding endorsements can be found on the OSPI Certification site.

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