There are many different ways to complete a program and receive a license to teach in Washington's public schools. Below are a few typical timelines.

Programs that offer a teaching certificate along with the bachelor's degree are typically designed for a candidate to be able to finish in 2 years. Candidates must pass the West-B as a precursor to enrolling in a program and pass the PAC prior to completing the program. Additionally, a candidate must pass the WEST-E as a condition to receive a Washington teaching certificate.

Certificate Only is a Post Baccalaureate program (i.e., taken after completing the bachelor's degree). The length of the program varies due to each individual's program of study. It is important to note that some institutions may require candidates to take and pass the WEST-E prior to beginning the Certificate Only program.


Washington's Alternative Route to Certification (Route 3 and 4) requires that candidates have a bachelor's degree and have completed both WEST-B and WEST-E assessments prior to enrolling in a program. The programs typically begin in the summer with the candidate beginning a mentorship in the K-12 classroom in the fall. The programs typically last for one year, but some candidates can finish early using the early-exit option. 

Some preparation programs offer a master's degree in addition to earning a teaching certificate. These programs can be one year or multiple years. Also, some programs require candidates to pass the WEST-E prior to acceptance into the program.