Teaching Certificates

To be a teacher in Washington State, you must hold a teaching certificate (also called a license or credential). There are various types of teaching certificates that you can apply for in Washington:
Other Teaching Certificate Types
  • Substitute Teacher Certificate - This is a certificate that allows someone who is qualified for full certification to substitute teach in a classroom.
  • Limited Certificates - These certificates are issued to people who are not qualified for full certification.
  • Non-Teacher Certificates - Washington State issues certificates for other educational roles, including Principal/AdministratorEducational Staff Associate (e.g. School Counselor, School Psychologist, School Speech Language Pathologist, et cetera, ), and Career and Technical Education educator. If you think you are qualified for one of these certificates but are unsure, please contact he OSPI Certification Office at cert@k12.wa.us or (360) 725-6400.