Endorsement Areas

Certificate endorsements

All certificates must have at least one endorsement (also called subject area or content area), and some endorsement areas cannot stand alone on a certificate. Below is a list of all endorsements currently available in Washington State, plus any special requirements associated with them. For detailed information on the competencies covered by each endorsement area, please see PESB's Endorsement Competencies Website

All levels (B-12):

  • Bilingual education* 
  • Computer science 
  • Designated arts: Dance 
  • Designated arts: Theatre arts 
  • Designated arts: Music – Choral 
  • Designated arts: Music – Instrumental 
  • Designated arts: Music – General 
  • Designated arts: Visual Arts 
  • English Language Learner* 
  • Health/fitness 
  • Library media 
  • Reading 
  • Special education* 

Early childhood (B-3):

  • Early childhood education 
  • Early childhood special education* 

Elementary education (K-8):

  • Elementary education

Middle level (4-9):

  • Middle level – Humanities 
  • Middle level – Mathematics 
  • Middle level – Science

Secondary level (5-12):

  • Designated science: Biology 
  • Designated science: Chemistry 
  • Designated science: Earth and space science 
  • Designated science: Physics 
  • Designated CTE: Agriculture education 
  • Designated CTE: Business and marketing 
  • Designated CTE: Family/consumer sciences 
  • Designated CTE: Technology education 
  • English language arts 
  • History 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science** 
  • Social studies 
  • Traffic safety 

*Non-subject endorsements: Beginning September 1st, 2019, non-subject oriented endorsements cannot stand alone on a certificate.  These include: Bilingual Education, English Language Learners, Special Education, and Early Childhood Special Education. Must hold an endorsement other than the non-subject ones and not including Traffic Safety (WAC 181-79A-132).

**Science: Beginning September 1st, 2019, general science cannot stand alone on a certificate (WAC 181-79A-227).

Specialty endorsements

Specialty endorsements cannot stand alone (meaning, you cannot hold just a specialty endorsement; you need to also have a non-specialty endorsement to go with it) and cannot be earned during pre-service. You have to already hold a teacher certificate with at least one other endorsement area before you can add a specialty endorsement. 
  • Deaf Education
  • Environmental and Sustainability Education
  • Gifted Education
  • Teacher of the Visually Impaired
  • Orientation and Mobility Teacher