What tests will I have to take? 

All individuals hoping to become certified teachers in Washington must meet Washington State's testing requirements. In Washington, there are two required tests: The WEST-B, which tests basic skills (reading, writing, and mathematics), and the WEST-E/NES, which tests subject or content area knowledge (for example, elementary teachers take the elementary subject area test, history teachers take the history subject area test, and so on) and is used to prove competency in your endorsement area. These tests must be completed before a full certificate can be issued. If you are completing a teacher preparation program in Washington State, your program will guide you through the testing process. If you have taken tests in another state, it is possible that we may accept them upon review. Please contact the OSPI Certification office at (360) 725-6400 or cert@k12.wa.us for more information. For alternative routes, some tests are required prior to beginning the prep program. The timing of when you take these tests varies depending on the route, but required prior to full certification. Please contact your Alternative Route provider for more information. 

For more testing information, please see assessments and credentials