Recruiting Washington Teachers

New Pilot Project!

The Recruiting Washington Teachers - Bilingual Educators Initiative (RWT - BEI) pilot project application is now closed and applications are currently under review. If your district is interested in growing their own future bilingual educators from the class room, please explore the resources offered by RWT and stay tuned for bilingual-focused tools coming soon! 

Program Goals

The overarching goal of the Recruiting Washington Teachers (RWT) program is to “grow our own” diverse group of future teachers who more closely reflect the population of today’s children and youth. To this end, RWT grant funding supports the recruitment and preparation of a diverse group of high school students for future careers as educators in the teacher shortage areas of Mathematics, Science, Special Education, Early Childhood Education (P-3), English Language Learner, and Bilingual Education.

The program supports partnerships between high schools, teacher preparation programs, institutions of higher education, parents/guardians, and community based organizations to design and deliver innovative programs that support students, underrepresented in the teaching profession, in exploring and preparing for careers as educators.

By supporting participants as they complete high school, apply to and attend college, the RWT program strengthens the pathway from high school to teaching, with the goal that students will become not only certified teachers, but also community leaders who make a difference in their communities.
The RWT program has been authorized and funded by the state legislature since 2007 (RCW28A.415.370), with guidance provided by the RWT Advisory Board.


The following grantees have been awarded funding and designation as an RWT site for the 2017-18 academic year:

  • Latinos in Action - Burlington-Edison School District
  • Renton Teacher Academy - Renton School District
  • Mt. Vernon High School - Mt. Vernon School District
  • Lincoln & Mount Tahoma High Schools - Tacoma School District 
For more information on the current grantee sites, visit our RWT Grantees page.


Inspired by the effective practices of the pilot RWT programs from the first eight years of the grant (2007-2015), and charged by a special proviso from the state legislature (ESSB 6002), the Professional Educator Standards Board commissioned a task force to revise and develop the model framework and curriculum for high school Careers in Education (CIE) / Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses to incorporate standards of cultural competence, new research on educator preparation, and curriculum and activities from the RWT program. This work resulted in the RWT Teacher Academy Curriculum

PESB continues to design and create resources supportive of new and ongoing Teacher Academies. Online professional development tools coming Spring 2018.


Results from the collaborative evaluation of the RWT program dating back to 2007 are available on the RWT Reports page.

Redesign Work Group

After 8 years of program history, the time came for a redesign of the Recruiting Washington Teachers (RWT) program in order to expand its impact and key components. To this end, the Professional Educator Standards Board convened a RWT Redesign Work Group. You can view the results of the work group by clicking here.

For more information, contact PESB.