Crosswalk of Careers in Education

The following crosswalk document is provided to support teachers to see how the RWT into CIE curriculum competencies (2015) align with the previous 2002 CIE curriculum competencies. Related standards are also aligned. Links to all of the standards are provided.


CIE into RWT (2015) Competencies (Listed below by unit and in Appendix IV in their entirety.)

Embedded Academics – Common Core State Standards
Common Core State Standards - English Language Arts

Employability and Career Readiness Skills - 21st Century Learning Skills

Teacher Knowledge and Skills-Washington State Teacher Standards – Based Benchmarks

Required for Approved CIE Framework
National Association of State Administrators of Family & Consumer Science: Standards and Competencies:

Useful Resources
Bridging the Divide Between Common Core State Standards and Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program Standards