Grow Your Own Teachers Report

Grow Your Own Teachers Report

About This Report

  • Best practices as it relates to human resources, recruitment and advancement, high schools teacher academies, para/emergency substitute pipeline, engaging career changers and retirees, and candidate tracking across systems. 
  • Demographic report with data that demonstrates teacher shortage needs and the potential opportunities to strengthen workforce development through Grow Your Own. Analysis on and strategies for statewide sustainability and implementation of GYO programs in WA. 
  • A Toolkit of recommended strategies for growing/ sustaining Grow Your Own programs in Washington State in the form of mini-case studies

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Interested in growing your own teachers?

Finding candidates who are already living and working in your district is a great way to ensure quality educators are in your schools. You can find motivated, well-qualified candidates in your own backyard simply by mobilizing your paraprofessional workforce. Below, you'll find some helpful information on growing your own teachers! Click here to view our Grow Your Own resources page.

Case Studies Cited in Report, in Order of Appearance: