Recruitment Report

The Professional Educators Standards Board commissioned a report focused on developing underrepresented pathways into the teaching profession, including access and recruitment and increasing the number of qualified applicants as future teachers in the state. The Recruiting Diverse Teacher Candidate Research Report findings including strategies for programs to recruit more diverse candidates, a college self-assessment tool and a state-wide demographics report.

The report includes analysis of recruitment best practices with the focus on recruiting diverse communities into the teaching profession. The report consists of the following items:
  • Strategies for recruiting and retaining teacher candidates of color. The report shall document how examples of existing efforts around the country could be applied to recruiting a more diverse teacher pool and reflect different pieces of this project. Each example shall be accompanied by an explanation of why it makes a good model of best practices.
  • Strategies responsive to demographics in the state and provide analysis that identifies key communities and groups to include in targeted outreach. Strategies responsive by region. The report includes demographic information of state educator pool and teacher preparation programs provided by PESB and analysis provided by the proposer regarding communities to prioritize.
  • Summary of existing preparation efforts in the state and other diversity efforts and materials that exist with Washington Teacher Preparation programs.
  • A best practices guide for recruiting diverse teacher candidates and other listed deliverables for programs. It shall be an engaging, activity-based, and available on-line for implementation and use by PESB and teacher preparation programs. 
Classroom Teacher & Student Demographics in WA State
Self-Assessment Tool for Teacher Preparation Programs
Recruiting Diverse Teachers Best Practices Guide