Work Groups

Educator Career Continuum Work Group

The purpose of the Educator Career Continuum Work Group will be to provide recommendations to the Board on the future of the career-long continuum for educators, with a particular focus on how to ensure educators have access to high-quality, relevant continuing education for maintaining their certification. Issues to be considered include incentives, support, and the continued development of educators in our state. 

Testing Barriers Work Group

The purpose of the Testing Barriers Work Group is to thoroughly investigate the barriers that testing creates for candidates, particularly bilingual and candidates of color, and develop recommendations for consideration by the PESB and the legislature.  

Career and Technical Education Work Group

The initiative will assess the current system of Career and Technical Education licensing and recommend needed improvements in regulation. 

HR Curriculum and Training Work Group

Recruiting Washington Teachers Redesign Work Group (Completed June 2016)

With 8 years of program history, the time has come to redesign the Recruiting Washington Teachers (RWT) program in order to expand its impact and scale up the key components. To this end, the Professional Educator Standards Board is convening and facilitating a RWT Redesign Work Group, charged with redesigning the program, identifying best practices and key components, and making policy recommendations to expand the program's impact beyond the grant-funded sites to statewide. See the recommendations.

Bilingual Teacher Pipeline Work Group (Completed June 2016) 

In an effort to encourage those in the community that hold the tremendous skill of biliteracy, the Bilingual Pipeline Work Group has been formed. This work group is designed to analyze the need and formulate best practices for promoting paraprofessionals with strong bilingual skills into fully certificated teaching roles. By simultaneously addressing the teacher shortage in Washington, and tackling the pervasive lack of diversity in the teaching profession, the Bilingual Pipeline Work Group is formed to discuss these issues in the realm of teaching in Washington.

Paraeducator Work Group (Completed December 2016)

In 2014, the Washington State Legislature charged the Professional Educator Standards Board with convening a work group specifically to address the training, skills, and qualifications needed to be a paraprofessional working in Washington schools. The Paraeducator Work Group developed recommendations for the state legislature regarding professional development for paraprofessionals and minimum requirements for hiring, as well as strategies to create a defined pathway for paraprofessionals to become fully certified teachers if they so choose. See the recommendations (pages 5-8).

Alternative Route Redesign Work Group (Completed June 2015) 

The Alternative Route Redesign Work Group, created in 2015, was tasked with analyzing and developing new and innovative strategies to improve existing alternative route to teacher certification programs. With membership consisting of higher education instructors, school district human resource personnel, education stakeholders, and even former students, the Alternative Route Redesign Work Group took a holistic approach to ensuring students who enroll in an alternative route to certification program are getting the best quality education, are fully supported through their coursework, and have employment opportunities once they complete their certification. See the recommendations.