Recruiting Washington Teachers Redesign Work Group


With 8 years of program history, the time has come to redesign the Recruiting Washington Teachers (RWT) program in order to expand its impact and scale up the key components. To this end, the Professional Educator Standards Board is convening and facilitating a RWT Redesign Work Group.

Our charge for the Work Group is to use their stakeholder input combined with lessons learned from the 8 years of RWT and other research to:
  • Redesign the RWT program, building on strengths and strengthening weakness, to increase its impact
  • Identify scalable components and best practices to expand the impact of RWT beyond the grant-funded sites to statewide
  • Make policy recommendations geared at teacher preparation programs and the state legislature

Group Members

J. Lee Schultz - Professional Educator Standards Board (Facilitator)

Alexandra Manuel - Professional Educator Standards Board

Edie Harding - Gates Foundation

Lindsay Hill - Raikes Foundation

Sean Rice - Teach For America

Maria Pena - Everett Community College

Ashima Singh - Washington State University

Starla Manchester

Carla Smith - Renton School District

Kari Terjeson - Heritage University

Joanie Monroy - Heritage University

Sharonne Navas - Equity in Education

Ben Ibale - Washington Education Association

Eric Hougan - Central Washington University

Keshia Porcincula - Equity in Education Coalition

Patricia McDonald - Highline College

Takiyah Jackson - Seattle School District

Patricia MacGowan - University of Washington

Princess Shareef

Myrna Muto

John Traynor - Gonzaga University

Amy Vaughn - Professional Educator Standards Board

Jackie Simonds

Katie Siewert - CTE Asst. Director

Tim Herron - Degrees of Change

Noah Zeichner - Seattle School District

Mary Jo Larsen - Pacific Lutheran University

Meeting Schedule and Resources

All meetings will be held from 9:00am to 3:30pm at Highline Community College in Des Moines, WA.

Parking: Attendees should purchase a $1 parking pass good for all day in the south or east parking lots. Parking pay stations are located in front of Building 6 in the East lot and Building 29 in the South lot. The machines take credit cards and $1 bills only, no change.

Highline Campus Map & Directions

Operating Norms

Meeting 1: January 14, 2016

Theme: Setting the Stage


Homework & Resources:
Activity / Meeting Notes:

Meeting 2: February 11, 2016

Theme: Scaling Up: A Broader Teacher Academy Movement



Homework & Resources:

Activity / Meeting Notes:

Meeting 3: March 10, 2016

Theme: A Stronger Pathway


Meeting 5: May 5, 2016

Theme: Data, Policy, and Funding


Activity / Meeting Notes:

Meeting 6: May 12, 2016

Theme: Recommendations


Activity / Meeting Notes: