The purpose of the Testing Barriers Work Group is to thoroughly investigate the barriers that testing creates for candidates, particularly bilingual and candidates of color, and develop recommendations for consideration by the PESB Board and the legislature.  

PESB staff contact - Chelsea.Whealdon@k12.wa.us

Meeting Information and Materials

Meeting Dates

Meeting #1 December 7th, 2017

Meeting #2 January 18th, 2018

Meeting #3 February 1st, 2018

Meeting #4 February 22nd, 2018

Meeting #5 March 22nd, 2018


Grow Your Own Report (see page 35 for board approved recommendation to form the testing barriers work group) 

Work Group Members

Members are currently being finalized. Stakeholders include educator preparation programs, school districts, teachers, community based organizations, and other relevant state education and workforce development agencies.

Work Group Product

All agendas, materials, and presentations will be posted as work group meetings progress. A final report with recommendations will be developed and released in May 2018.